The new grindworks Phoenix series is a premium line of performance golf clubs made for golden age golfers, in other words, senior golfers with a lifetime of golfing experiences. With many years of experiences of his own, grindworks club designer Doc Niimi has devoted his focus to studying the art of golf and has created this special line of clubs with a focus on feeling as well as performance. The Phoenix series specifically targets male golfers 60 years and older and lady golfers of any age who want that extra distance and forgiveness.

The all new Phoenix Hi Cor driver uses a super thin ultra high COR face for the ultimate in spring effect. the variable thickness forged SP700 Titanium cup face increases the clubs repulsion power and widens the sweet spot in every direction. The result is higher ball speeds over a greater area of the face increasing distance and forgiveness. SP700 produces a soft yet crisp feel at impact as the ball springs off the face like a sling shot.

The Phoenix driver with its Hi Cor face is non conforming to SLE rules and is aimed at recreational players who want the ultimate in distance without worrying about the rules. In order to achieve this super spring effect, the SP700 face is forged very thin for maximum flex and is rated for players with driver swing speeds of 38m/s or 85mph OR LESS.

  10.5 11.5
LOFT ( ° ) 10.5 11.5
LIE ( ° ) 60 60
VOLUME (cc) 460 460
HEAD WEIGHT (g) 197 191
BULGExROLL (“) 11×11 11×11


Forged hybrid cup SP700 Face with variable thickness
High strength 6-4 Titanium body – Black IP Finish, Crystal White Crown
Tungsten Weighting
Type Maximum distance and forgiveness driver
Design Thin Forged Non-Conforming High Repulsion Face
Characteristics Springy yet crisp, large sweet spot, increased spring effect
Target Senior players, Ladies, or players with swing speeds under 85mph