The grindworks VARIANT ONE Driver is designed for powerful distance along with above average forgiveness to keep those long drives in the fairway.  We wanted to design a unique looking driver with functional aesthetic features to help improve a golfer’s driving game and that would appeal to a wide range of golfers.

The VARIANT ONE Driver features a monocoque Titanium body for more strength along with a variable thickness crown which helps transfer energy as the head flexes at impact. A variable thickness High Repulsion Titanium face has a huge sweet spot thanks to the use of two Power Channels on the sole and on the crown.  The Split Power Channel on the sole helps minimize distance lost on shots towards the toe and heel while the crown channel helps widen the sweet spot in all directions.

Removable tungsten weighting on toe and heel allow for subtle tuning of the head’s bias and internal back weighting helps create a powerful launch with optimal spin. The 460cc head is rounded but with a traditional shape and mid height face. A special variable Bulge and Roll design was also implemented across the lofts to help with launch on lower lofts and to add more gear effect on higher lofts. The grindworks VARIANT ONE Driver is the forgiving distance driver all golfers are looking for!

High Repulsion Titanium with Variable Thickness Face
Monocoque Titanium Body with Multi Thickness Crown
Tungsten Weighting
Type All around performance driver
Design Split Power Channel in Sole, Power Channel on Crown
Characteristics Feel, Stability, Distance and Forgiveness
Target All types of players especially those who want distance and forgiveness


LOFT ( ° ) 9.5 10.5 11.5
LIE ( ° ) 59 59 59
FACE ANGLE ( ° ) OPEN 0.5 0 CLOSED 0.5
VOLUME (cc) 460 460 460
HEAD WEIGHT (g) 198 198 198
BULGExROLL (“) 12×9 11×10 10×11