Maltby M-Series+ Wedges

The M-Series+ wedges feature CNC milled square Micro Grooves and a CNC milled hitting surface. All of the M-Series+ wedges are identical in shape and blade profile. However, understanding that turf and sand conditions often dictate the type of wedge that should be played, there are 12 different wedges in the M-Series+ Wedge System that allow the player to mix and match the sole width and loft that best fits their needs.

The M-Series+ Tour wedges have a sole width of .900”, the M-Series+ Mid wedges have a sole width of 1.05” and the M-Series+ Wide wedges have a 1.20” sole width. Basically, the sole widths of the M-Series+ Wedges increase as the wedge lofts increase to aid in hitting the more difficult to use higher lofted wedges. However, the effective bounce angles of all the M-Series+ Wedges are relatively similar which allows the player to simply switch sole widths when playing under different course conditions without sacrificing the look and feel of the wedge they have devoted practice time to and have become familiar with.

The M-Series+ wedge lofts overlap to allow a player to pick the best sole width based on the course conditions they play or fit their skill level. For example: A M-Series+ 56 degree wedge is available in all three sole width options, Tour (for firmer sand/turf conditions and or highly skilled players), Mid (for average sand/turf conditions and or low to mid handicap golfers), and Wide (for loose sand and plush turf conditions and or mid to high handicap golfers).

The ideal wedge set make up for most golfers regardless of skill level should include at least one moderately wide soled wedge in their golf bag. The M-Series+ Wedge Series solves this problem without the need to carry 2 or 3 different brands with different head shapes and effective bounce angles.




  • Form Forged from 1025C Carbon Steel for great feel
  • DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) finish is a chemically implanted finish that is more wear resistant, corrosive resistant, and scratch resistant than any current carbon steel finish available
  • CNC Milled Micro Grooves for increased spin
  • Classic blade profile appeals to a broad range of golfers
  • Extremely versatile from a variety of sand and turf conditions
  • CNC milled face for optimum spin control from a variety of turf conditions
  • Optimum Mass Placement (OMP) provides stability and improved results on short shots struck towards the toe, the most common miss on chips and pitches
  • Rolled leading edge increases effective bounce
  • Slightly heavier head weights provide great feel for the shorter recommended playing lengths

M-Series+ Tour Features:

  • M-Series+ Tour wedges have .900″ sole width designed for golfers with moderate to good short game skills
  • Consistent .900″ sole width design allows club face to be rolled open while maintaining effective use of bounce
  • Available in 50 degree loft / 4 bounce, 52 degree loft / 6 bounce, 54 / 10, and 56 / 12

M-Series+ Mid Features:

  • 1.050 consistent sole width is very effective from all types of sand (fine to coarse) and grass (short to tall) conditions
  • Designed for use by players of all abilities wanting or needing more forgiveness from thicker, more challenging lies
  • Available in 54/6, 56/10, 58/8 , 60/6 loft, bounce options

M-Series+ Wide Features:

  • The most forgiving sole design in the Tricept Wedge line
  • Combines the classic looks many desire in a wedge with a highly forgiving and playable sole design
  • 1.200 consistent sole width is extremely effective out of all kinds of sand and turf conditions
  • Designed for use by all levels of players seeking a highly forgiving option in a classic design


Product Specs:

Type Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce
Tour 50º 64º 302g 0.080″
Tour 52º 64º 308g 0.080″
Tour 54º 64º 308g 0.080″ 10º
Tour 56º 64º 312g 0.080″ 12º
Mid 54º 64º 308g 0.080″
Mid 56º 64º 312g 0.080″ 10º
Mid 58º 64º 308g 0.080″
Mid 60º 64º 308g 0.080″
Wide 56º 64º 312g 0.080″
Wide 58º 64º 308g 0.080″
Wide 60º 64º 308g 0.080″
Wide 62º 64º 308g 0.080″




Finish Diamonized Black Metal
Material 1025c Carbon Steel
Blade Length 3.149″
Toe Height 2.506″
Heel Height 1.010″
Sole Width (Tour) 0.900″
Sole Width (Mid) 1.050″
Sole Width (Wide) 1.200″
Hosel Length 3.000″
Hosel OD 0.531″
Bore Depth 1.375″