Maltby MMB-17 Forged Iron Heads


  • Satin chrome anti glare finish
  • Progressively designed “Blade” optimizes shot trajectories from the long irons to the short irons
  • “Weight relief pocket” and inverted muscle design in 3 thru 7 iron allow for correct c.g. location to maximize playability
  • Tungsten toe weighting in the long irons (3,4,5) further improves stability and forgiveness
  • Traditionally designed short irons (8 thru PW,GW) provide the “controlled” trajectories preferred by better players
  • Offset and top line designed to appeal to purists wanting a traditional, solid appearance at address
  • MG (multi-groove) U-Groove Technology improves consistency in trajectory and spin
  • Manufactured from 8620 Carbon Steel for soft feel and adjustability


Product Specs:

Type Loft Lie Weight Offset Bounce
3 Iron 21º 60º 240g 0.145″
4 Iron 24º 60.5º 247g 0.135″
5 Iron 27º 61º 254g 0.125″
6 Iron 31º 61.5º 261g 0.115″
7 Iron 35º 62º 268g 0.110″
8 Iron 39º 62.5º 276g 0.110″
9 Iron 43º 63º 284g 0.110″
Pitching Wedge 47º 64º 291g 0.100″
Gap Wedge 51º 64º 291g 0.100″


Finish Satin Chrome
Material 8620 Caron Steel
Blade Length 3.100″
Toe Height 2.215″
Heel Height 1.136″
Sole Width 0.755″
Hosel Length 2.187″
Hosel OD 0.531″
Bore Depth 1.475″
Center of Gravity 0.741″