The Maltby STw features a 4pc forged Precision Fit Plasma welded construction with complex internal acoustical ribbing integrated inside the club head to produce the highest possible conforming CT measurement but with an incredibly solid sound and feel at impact. The 460cc STw driver features a VFT face design with an ultra-thin 2.9mm face center for increased ball speeds. The deep 2.455″ face height increases the overall hitting surface while the deep center of gravity decreases distance loss and tightens ball dispersion patterns on off center hits to increase overall and average driving distances.


  • 4-pc Precision Fit Plasma Welding construction for extremely tight tolerances
  • Deep 2.455″ face height increases the clubs face’s overall surface area for higher ball speeds on toe and heel miss hits
  • Sole design features a precisely positioned Flex Channel for greater ball speeds on both high and low miss hits.
  • Complex internal acoustical ribbing produces an extremely solid sound and feel at impact
  • A 10 gram rearward weight pad creates a deep center of gravity maximizing the heads MOI (4.6k) to increase distance and accuracy on off-center hits
  • Unique crown graphics help to frame the golf ball for improved alignment at set up