Maltby Tour Grind MG Wedges

The Maltby MG Tour Grind Wedges were designed for the player that demands creativity around the greens. The sole design of the MG Tour Grind Wedges features a narrow sole with an exaggerated toe and heel Tour Grind making them the most versatile wedges ever designed under the Maltby brand. Micro Grooves (MG) have been CNC milled into the face to consistently increase spin around the greens.

The Diamonized Black Metal finish is a very thin chemically implanted coating that is twice as durable as traditional nickel chrome plating and 30 times more durable PVD coatings typically found on modern black wedges. The DMB finish will not “crack” or “peel” when being bent to custom specs yet is so strong it will actually extend the sharpness and overall shape of the precision milled MG grooves vs. any other wedge finish currently available. If you desire a wedge that allows for the ultimate in consistency and creativity, the Maltby MG Tour Grind wedges are the answer!




  • Form Forged from 1025 Carbon Steel for a soft feel and easy adjustability
  • Narrow sole width and relieved heel and toe Tour Grind for the ultimate is face angle manipulation
  • “DBM” Diamonized Black Metal finish is a chemically implanted finish that is more wear resistant, corrosive resistant, and scratch resistant than any current carbon steel finish available
  • “MG” groove technology (CNC milled) places more grooves on the face than traditional wedges, consistently increases ball spin on less than full shots




Product Specs:

Loft Lie Weight Offset Hosel ID Bounce
52º 64º 292g 0.080″ 0.370″
56º 64º 298g 0.060″ 0.370″ 11º
60º 64º 296g 0.040″ 0.370″


Finish Diamonized Black Metal
Material 1030c Carbon Steel
Blade Length 3.149″
Toe Height 2.506″
Heel Height 1.630″
Sole Width 0.726″
Hosel Length 3.000″
Hosel OD 0.531″
Bore Depth 1.375″